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Re-Entry Phase of Ballistic Missile Tracking Estimation using Extended Kalman Filtering

International Journal of Research in Signal Processing, Computing & Communication System Design

Volume 1 Issue 2

Published: 2015
Author(s) Name: P. Srikanth, VSSN. Srinivas Baba, K. Venkateswarlu | Author(s) Affiliation: ACE Engineering College, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
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The tracking of a ballistic missile in its re entry phase is a big defense challenge. The re entry vehicle leaves a quiet exo – atmospheric phase and a quasi – Keplerian motion to an endo – atmospheric phase with large aerodynamic loads and a sudden deceleration. The motion is then non–linear and the evolution of the drag is very difficult to predict. Though the re-entry vehicle tracking is a non linear filtering problem there are several filters that are developed to solve this problem. Several researchers have attempted this problem using Linear squares filtering and Kalman filtering techniques. In this work, Extended Kalman Filtering (EKF) technique is applied for Re-Entry Phase of Ballistic Missile Tracking Estimation and estimation parameters are generated and presented in this paper.

Keywords: Ballistic Missile, Kalman Filtering, Extended Kalman Filtering, Linear Square Filtering

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