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Provision of Trustworthy Associations in Peer to Peer Structures

International Journal of Research in Signal Processing, Computing & Communication System Design

Volume 1 Issue 1

Published: 2015
Author(s) Name: Ramesh Babu, A. Radha Rani | Author(s) Affiliation: Malla Reddy Engg. College for Women, Dhulapally Via Hakimpet, Secunderabad, Telangana, India
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The systems of Peer-To-Peer are motivating towards a foremost paradigm move in the direction of genuinely distributed computing. Abundant works on reputation as well as trust management in online communities have come into view in recent times. Classification of peers as moreover trustworthy or untrustworthy is not enough in most of the cases. Metrics should include accuracy hence peers can be ranked consistent with trustworthiness. Metric of reputation is considered on basis of recommendations and it is considered as important when deciding in relation to strangers as well as new acquaintances. When scheming of reputation metric, recommendations are assessed on basis of trust metric of recommendation. In this work we aim at introducing an architecture known as SORT which is a representation of self-organizing Trust intends to reduce malevolent activity in P2P structure by setting up trust associations between peers in their proximity. In representation of self-organizing Trust, peers convey reputation queries merely to peers which had worked together in past, which decrease network traffic when compared to the methods of flooding-based approaches. In representation of self-organizing Trust, rather than considering an exact trust holders feedback as valid, public view from each and every acquaintance is measured as more trustworthy information. SORTs trust metric allow a peer to consider constancy of previous peers on basis of local information.

Keywords: Peer-to-Peer Systems, Trustworthiness, Reputation, Trust, Self-organizing Trust Model, Acquaintance

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