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Student Perception of Pedagogy: An Exploratory Study of B-Schools

International Journal of Management Prudence

Volume 3 Issue 1

Published: 2011
Author(s) Name: Lakshmi Prasad Panda, Deepak Talwar, Ravindra Yadav and Hitendra Bargal
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Influx of B-Schools and forthcoming of foreign universities in India, an understanding of the perception of students towards the different teaching pedagogies can provide valuable insights for the contemporary educational environment. With the growing demand for management education and wider scope warrants management educational institutions and universities of India for an innovative method of pedagogy to be followed in the class room for effective teaching learning process. The traditional practice of lecturing method has considerably undergone a change over the period of time. Students are diverse in their characteristics, values, and effectiveness. To cope with this and as well as to re-equip with different deficient factors such as leadership, team spirit, managerial personality, job knowledge, personal effectiveness, and personal ratifications etc. are linked with different innovative pedagogical designs. The present study suits for this purpose. Which method of pedagogy will be suited for the institutional setup and orientation and how the students perceive about these methods are focus of this study. Key Words: Perception, Pedagogy, B-Schools, Management Education.

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