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Role of Quality Circle in enhancing organisational commitment and Organisational Effectiveness

International Journal of Management Prudence

Volume 3 Issue 1

Published: 2011
Author(s) Name: Bal Krishna Upadhyay
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Quality circles have been hailed to be effective tool for linking employees to the process of decision making in their work premise and hence enhancing their motivation to work and perform. As one of the participative approach, Quality Circle programmes were one the major initiatives of various manufacturing units in last decade that has revealed great success for various organisations in terms of increasing organisational effectiveness and empowering employees, in both public and private organisations. Also, its effectiveness has been questioned by many researchers in the recent past. However, with the time and new innovative approaches that has come up in recent years, Quality Circle programmes has been reducing very fast. With many organizations using and discarding quality circles in the recent year the present study was conducted to evaluate the impact of quality circle in enhancing organisational commitment and effectiveness. Further, it aims to examine the relationship between the membership of QC and organisational commitment and effectiveness. A total of 80 employees (QC members= 40; Non-QC members=40), of a large manufacturing unit, participated in this study who responded on the measures of organisational commitment and organisational effectiveness. The results have depicted a positive impact of quality circle membership on both the measures of commitment and effectiveness. Furthermore, the correlation results depicted that membership of quality circle enhances the perceived organisational commitment and organisational effectiveness. Key Words: Quality Circle; Organisational Commitment; Organisational Effectiveness

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