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Relationship Between Effective Supply Chain Management & Inventory Management Towards Productivity Improvement In Industries

International Journal of Management Prudence

Volume 1 Issue 1

Published: 2010
Author(s) Name: Dr.A.G. Matani, Mahendra S. Tripathi
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Inventory is any asset held for future use or sale. These assets may be physical goods, used in operations and includes ram materials, parts, sub assemblies, supplier tools, equipments or maintenance and spare parts. In some service organizations, inventories are not physical goods which customers take with them, but provide capacity available for service customers, Inventories can also be intangibles, e.g., many organizations maintain inventories of intellectual assets and best practice knowledge bases. This paper discusses impact of efficient and effective SCM towards improved inventory management in industries towards productivity enhancement. Key words : Materials Management, Supply Chain Solution Software, Supply Chain Operations Reference ( SCOR) Model , Responsive Supply Chains

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