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Quality of work life and self-regulated behaviour among government and private school teachers

International Journal of Management Prudence

Volume 3 Issue 1

Published: 2011
Author(s) Name: J. Parameswari and S. Kadhiravan
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Quality of work life has a significant influence work performance. Quality of work life refers to the extent to which characteristics of work offer opportunities to create a balance between control need and control capacity as to meet the demands and competencies of the workers. Selfregulated behavior is regulating one’s activities according to the external world without being regulated by others. The present paper is an attempt to see if there is any relationship between quality of work life and self-regulated behavior among government and private school teachers. For this purpose data on quality of work life and selfregulated behavior were collected from 60 school teachers (30 Government and 30 Private school teachers) using Work-Related Quality of Life Scale developed by Laar and Self-regulatory behavior scale (SRBS) developed by S. Kadhiravan. The collected data was analysed using mean and ANOVA. The findings show that both the Government and Private school teachers have high level of quality of work life and self-regulated behavior. There is a relationship between certain factors of quality of work life and certain factors of self-regulated behavior. Key words: Quality of work life, Self-regulated behavior, Government, Private, School, Teachers

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