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Customer Relationship Management In Private Hospitals - A Stusy With Reference To Coimbatore City

International Journal of Management Prudence

Volume 1 Issue 1

Published: 2010
Author(s) Name: Mrs. S. Anbu Malar, Dr. R. Ganapathi, Dr. S. Malathi
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In today’s competitive environment, almost all companies are dependent on their customers, either directly or through their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) initiatives. All companies are offering similar products approximately at the same price. This has increased the importance of customers for the companies and they are now serving customers with the enabling through internet. The principal strategy of any company should be to retain its customers and make them repeat buyers, which is again the major strategic part of CRM. The study has been conducted with the following objectives in mind like, to examine the present system of customer care in hospitals, analyze the factors influencing the customers to select the hospital and to study the competitive strategies of hospitals in Coimbatore. Both primary and secondary data were used for the present study. The primary data has been collected from 200 sample respondents in Coimbatore city. For this purpose stratified random sampling method was used to select the samples. The collected data were analyzed by using percentage, average, range, standard deviation and weighted average method. In connection with this two way tables were prepared and chi-square test were also employed to find out the association between the variables. Doctor’s treatment is the prime factor responsible for the selection of hospital for the treatment. Hence, it is suggested that the management should put more efforts to sustain the doctor’s quality and recruit talented doctors only. Moreover, the management should concentrate on free camps, mobile services and plying free transport services to the hospital to turn-up the new customers. Key words: CRM, competitive strategy, doctors quality

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