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Application Of Robust Taguchi Design And Analyses For Condom Packing Operation Optimization At Hll Lifecare Limited, India

International Journal of Management Prudence

Volume 3 Issue 1

Published: 2011
Author(s) Name: Koilakuntla Maddulety and Ekkuluri Padmavathi
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The problem faced by the Kanagala Unit of HLL Life Care Limited Company was 0.5% rejection at condom packing operation due to failure in Sealing-Integrity-Test which contributed a revenue loss around 800 000 per year. The authors along with dedicated team of cross functional executives of Kanagala Unit, HLL Life Care Limited had used the Robust Parameter Design through Taguchi Approach for Condom Packing Operation Optimization and ensured breakthrough Improvement in Condom Packet Sealing (Sealing Integrity) which in-turn ensured Zero Sealing Integrity rejection and a net saving of Rs. 750 000 (Total Saving Rs. 800 000 – Rs. 50 000 Project Cost). After arriving optimal input parameter setting i.e. Machine Speed MS is 83 Strips per minutes, Press Roller Temperature PRT is 200 0C, Pressure Between Rollers PBR is Medium, Press Roller Type PRT - 1, 15 batches i.e around 7.0 Million condom have been packed with the above optimal setting with slight machine to machine variation as validations trails with the mentioned optimal parameter setting and proved that all the batches had been passed in Sealing Integrity test as well as in visual inspection. Key Words: Factors, Factor Levels, Main-Effectplots- for-Means, Main-Effect-Plots-for-SN Ratio, Robust Design.

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