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Understanding the Role of Competing Schema for Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

International Journal of Marketing and Business Communication

Volume 3 Issue 3/4

Published: 2014
Author(s) Name: Yoon-Joo Lee, Leigh Anne Howard | Author(s) Affiliation:
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Using an experimental research design, this study examined how consumer beliefs about the social roles assumed by corporations and businesses affect perceptions when those industries implement corporate social responsibility (CSR) proposals. Specifically, this study examined two CSR messages: 1) McDonalds obesity prevention initiative and 2) Miller Brewing Companys binge drinking prevention initiative. This study showed that when companies support CSR initiatives, consumers believed that the CSR contributed to society. Furthermore, a consumers positive global schema had a lingering effect on the perception of CSR by companies. However, the lingering effects were found only among those who have socially-oriented schema, not business-oriented schema. The findings were discussed based on the theoretical framework of confirmation bias and the schema incongruity processing model.

Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, Schema Incongruity, Corporate Advocacy, Values Advocacy

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