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Brand Health and Campaign Evaluation: A Case Study in India

International Journal of Marketing and Business Communication

Volume 10 Issue 2

Published: 2021
Author(s) Name: Saikat Chakraborty, Sarbani Mitra | Author(s) Affiliation: Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
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The research activity was carried out to analyse brand salience, trial, imagery, and disposition, and to evaluate campaign efficacy, along with competitive advantage in terms of registration and effectiveness of media vehicles. The data gathered for the research activity are the primary sources legitimately gathered from the general population using random sampling method among the target group mentioned. The quantity of respondents for the study is 50. The research design carried out for the investigation is quantitative in nature. For the structured questionnaire, a five-point Likert scale was used. In this study, it was discovered that a majority of the respondents are aware of Dove body soap brand. From the thorough analysis and interpretation of the data collected, it can be concluded that Dove is a noteworthy brand, in terms of mind share, among the respondents. It was discovered that a larger part of the respondents are happy with the brand and intend to continue using the same. From the media vehicle efficacy testing, it was found that TV has immerged as the most important media vehicle for the primary source of awareness. In terms of communication evaluation, it was found that a majority of the respondents have seen the communication pertaining to Dove, and the top box score for likeability, uniqueness, believability, persuasiveness are higher than the competing brands and in favour of Dove body soap.

Keywords: Brand Salience, Brand Imagery, Media Vehicle, Communication Evaluation, Likeability, Uniqueness, Believability, Persuasiveness, Body Soap, Kolkata

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