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An Empirical Study on Brand Positioning and Consumer Perception towards Various Shampoo Brands

International Journal of Marketing and Business Communication

Volume 9 Issue 1&2

Published: 2020
Author(s) Name: Mridusmita Das | Author(s) Affiliation: Assist. Prof., School of Entrepreneurship and Mgt., Assam Rajiv Gandhi Univ. of Cooperative Mgt.
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Positioning is the mental space which every marketer craves to imprint in the consumer’s mind. A marketer always desires their consumers to imagine, when they come across with a brand name. In order to keep a hold in the market, the marketers strive to get the best positioning strategies by understanding how customers perceive their brand with respect to the available varieties. As Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market is booming day by day, five shampoo brands were being considered as cases. With the technique of perceptual mapping, this study identified the effectiveness of the brand positioning strategies, the consumers’ perception and the attributes influencing the consumers’ buying behaviour towards the selected brands. The study investigated how consumers’ associate the attributes in different dimensions with reference to leading shampoo brands. The study revealed that the consumers perceive the selected brands equally and positively as far as their usage is considered. Positioning of these brands effectively influences the consumers’ and their buying behaviour and they plan and project the campaigns in accordance with the consumers’ perception.

Keywords: Brand Positioning, Perceptual Mapping, Consumer Perception, Buyer Behaviour, Fast Moving Consumer Goods

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