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Resilience and Emotional Intelligence: A Focus on Leadership at Project Management in Construction Sector of Bangladesh

International Journal on Leadership

Volume 5 Issue 2

Published: 2017
Author(s) Name: Sohel Mahmud | Author(s) Affiliation: Public Works Department, Bangladesh.
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Leadership in project management plays a key role for the success of the project by leading the project in the right direction even in stressful situation. To be specific, resilience and emotional intelligence arguably are the most important aspects of a leader. These attributes are essential in making a resolute leader at any circumstances and it allows project leader to perceive things from another point of view. In culmination of these characteristics, project leader raise his/ her status and it facilitates smooth progress of the project. Public construction sector of Bangladesh is booming with lots of development projects as the nation is heading towards upper level of middle income country. To get the desired benefit from these projects, leadership in project management is paramount. Without a true project leader, project will not reach its destiny and the country will not realise its dream. Considering this backdrop, this article will showcase the path to improve young project leaders leadership status in the scale of resilience and emotional intelligence.

Keywords: Project Management, Leadership in Project Management, Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Public Construction Sector and Economic Growth

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