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A Study on E-Leadership and the Factors Influencing its Quality in Organisations, with Special Reference to the State of Kerala, India

International Journal on Leadership

Volume 10 Issue 2

Published: 2022
Author(s) Name: Seema S., Lakshmi Vimal | Author(s) Affiliation: College of Engineering Trivandrum, Department of Business Administration, Kerala, India.
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These days, leadership needs both technological expertise and vision, as well as the capacity to predict how technology will impact organisational dynamics. In a worldwide context, the emergent paradigm of e-leadership has grown in lockstep with continuous and complicated organisational transformations. This work focuses on the topic of effective e-leadership from the perspective of the organisation’s leadership. Furthermore, to better understand the concept of eleadership and the extent to which it has been adopted in the organisations in Kerala, this research involves the participation of executive and non-executive employees from various industries and work backgrounds to share their perception on effective e-leadership in their respective organisations in Kerala. Within this context, the goal of this study is to develop a model for assessing the fundamental factors that improve the quality of e-leadership in organisations. This research also contributes in exploring the tools that facilitate eleadership in the organisations and challenges that organisations encounter while implementing e-leadership. The findings of the present study revealed that the respondents’ perspectives on effective e-leadership in organisations differed significantly depending on their work experience, job role, and industry. The study proved that the four dimensions, namely strategy, agility, leadership style, and digital literacy, all have a significant impact on the quality of e-leadership in the organisations.

Keywords: E-Leadership, Effective E-Leadership, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Organisations, Challenges, Facilitators, COVID-19

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