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Understanding McLuhan: The Times and Relevance

International Journal of Knowledge Management and Practices

Volume 8 Issue 1

Published: 2020
Author(s) Name: Asif Khan | Author(s) Affiliation: Sr. Assist. Prof., Dept. of Convergent Journalism, School of Media Studies, Central Univ. of Kashmir
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Marshall Herbert McLuhan (1911–1980) was a Canadian writer and communication expert. He was quite famous for a lot of quotes and aphorisms, and, in 1960s, was celebrated for his catchphrase “the medium is the message.”McLuhan’s reasoning about the medium that the information it carries or disseminates can influence or control society was much debated, discussed and criticised as well. His work is referred to be the cornerstone of media theory and his term “global village” lived its fame and is still transcending. This paper attempts to study the relevance and influence of McLuhan’s philosophy and tries to correlate the significance of his various aphorisms, i.e., the terms he used. His contribution as a theorist and media/communication expert as well as an influential advocate of media determinism, remains ever persuasive. Essentially, his key concepts provide a revised outlook as proven by the time and technology we see today. Nothing truly could push him aside and this outwardly pop-cult-scientist-cum-metaphysician seems ever accurate and relevant in the times we live in.

Keywords: Communication, Medium, Message, Hot Media, Cold Media, Technological Determinism, Global Village

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