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Awareness of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) among the Students of Selected Colleges Affiliated to the Kerala University

International Journal of Information Studies and Libraries

Volume 5 Issue 2

Published: 2020
Author(s) Name: Sarita S. Rajan, S. Mohamed Esmail | Author(s) Affiliation: Department of Library & Information Science, Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, India.
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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are tangible; IPR refers to the creation of the intellects, which needs to be protected. In the present age of globalisation, IPR is the core of global trade practices and livelihood around the world. These rights enhance the inventive environment by giving legal security, recognition, and economic benefits to the creator or inventor. The lack of IPR awareness and its fruitless execution may hamper the economic, technical, and societal progress of the nation. Hence, dissemination of IPR knowledge and its proper implementation is the ultimate goal of any nation. This study underlines various terms of IPR, such as patents, trademarks, industrial design, geographic indications, copyright, and so on, with their need and role. This study is aimed at observing the understanding and knowledge of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) among university students. A survey was conducted to gather information about IPR from students at the undergraduate and postgraduate level, from selected colleges affiliated to the Kerala University. Many students realise that plagiarism and piracy are an infringement of IPR. This study points out that students are currently not well-informed about the procedures for protecting their IPR rights. Hence, students should be given the requisite information and be made aware of IPR.

Keywords: Intellectual Property Rights, IPR, Copyright, Patent, Trademarks, WIPO

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