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Attitude and Perception of Youth Towards Facebook

International Journal of Information Studies and Libraries

Volume 5 Issue 1

Published: 2020
Author(s) Name: Asifa Ali, Rosy Jan, Nida Fatima | Author(s) Affiliation: Department of Library and Information Science, University of Kashmir, Jammu & Kashmir, India.
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Facebook is a social media application that allows users to connect with friends and create online communities. It is a most powerful tool and provides several ways for libraries to connect with users and deliver services to distant users. The present study explores the attitude and perception of the young and middle adults between the age group of 24-45 years, which included both males and females from the District Srinagar. A self-administered questionnaire is used for collecting data from a sample of 350 respondents from working class, out of which 320 questionnaires were found utilizable. The main findings of the study revealed that the main purpose of using Facebook is to keep strong ties with friends, to exchange news and to discuss public and private issues with friends. Majority of the respondents believed that the main benefits of Facebook are message reading easier, used for advertisement and chance to promote and doing business. Furthermore, the positive and negative effects of Facebook are to make us social, allow people to develop their self-identity and improves their mood and the negative effects are addiction, threatening their privacy and health related issues. The findings reveal that respondents report that Facebook mobilize their attitude towards brand, clothing and cosmetics. At last, large percentage of respondents believed that Facebook should not be banned because of its many good features.

Keywords: Facebook, Social Media, Youth, Attitude, Perception

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