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Work Place Motivators & Employees’ Satisfaction: A Study of Retail Sector in India

Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Volume 44 Issue 3

Published: 2009
Author(s) Name: Sita Mishra & Bindu Gupta
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Success of retail firms is dependent on a motivated workforce; hence these firms are trying to use different job motivators to keep employees motivated and satisfied. This empirical study examines the job motivators which Indian retail firms are using for front line sales personnel and their effectiveness in terms of employees’ satisfaction. Data were collected from 114 sales employees belonging to 10 retail stores in the National Capital Region. The most important motivators used by retail stores were: working conditions, skill development, recognition, role clarity, career growth and support from management. The results of regression analysis indicated compensation, working conditions, and support from management as the most significant predictors of employees’ satisfaction. Keywords : Motivated workforce, Regression analysis, retail stores in India

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