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Work-Life Balance among Teachers of Technical Institutions

Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Volume 47 Issue 4

Published: 2012
Author(s) Name: Mohd Abdul Nayeem & Manas Ranjan Tripathy
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The evolving patterns of work and personal aspects of life offer greater challenges to the modern workforce. Many organizations and employees seek approaches to better manage the conflict and tensions between work and non-work activities. Among other occupations, teaching is reported to have positive and negative experiences about work-life. This paper examines the relationship of Job satisfaction with Work-Life Balance (WLB), turnover intentions and burnout levels of teachers. The paper provides empirical evidence to prove the relationship and ascertains the predictors of Job satisfaction among the technical teachers. One of the key findings of this paper is that WLB is a major contributor toward Job satisfaction and male teachers feel more burnout compared to female teachers.

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