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The Learning Enabling Structure: Validating a Measuring Instrument

Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Volume 46 Issue 1

Published: 2010
Author(s) Name: Bijaya Mishra & A.Uday Bhaskar Bijaya Mishra
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There are diverse opinions regarding the design of a learning organization. As has been pointed out by existing literature, system-level learning occurs when organizational structure, culture, and its people centric elements interact with each other. Interaction of these attributes shapes the nature and extent of organizational learning. The structural dimension defines the ‘real energy’ of an organization competing on dyna-mic capability in a knowledge economy. A study has been carried out by the first author in 2006 in IT sector pertaining to construction of a learning enabling structure scale. The present study, an exten-sion of the earlier research, aims at a better understanding of the factor structure and content of the construct. It empirically validates the scale using data from non-IT sectors.

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