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Socio-technical Analysis of Firm Level Executive Jobs: A Comparative Study in Indian Organizations

Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Volume 44 Issue 4

Published: 2009
Author(s) Name: K. Ghosh & S. Sahney
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The theory of socio-technical system has been considered as an effective tool for designing and redesigning jobs in organizations since long. Striking a balance between the technical and social subsystems of a job remains the major challenge till today. The design of jobs at executive level through socio-technical system requires the appropriate analysis of relevant technical and social subsystem constructs / factors in the organization. The present study was conducted in various types of Indian industrial organizations (public and private sectors, manufacturing and service sectors) to make a comparative analysis among them. The paper helps to extract the extent to which the technical and social subsystem factors do exist in the executive level jobs in line with the framework of socio-technical design of jobs. Keywords : socio-technical system, technical and social subsystem factors

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