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Relationship between Job Satisfaction & Job Performance: a Meta-analysis

Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Volume 48 Issue 2

Published: 2012
Author(s) Name: S.C. Davar, Ranju Bala | Author(s) Affiliation: S.C.Davar is Prof. at Kurukshetra Univ.; RanjuBala is employed at MPMSD Girls College, Kurukshetra
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Studies suggest that there is a significant relationship between job satisfaction and job performance. A meta-analysis of 48 correlations produces a mean correlation of the order ( = 0.30 approx.). However, the moderator variables viz., foreign studies vs. Indian studies, occupation– type vs. scale of measurement for job satisfaction affect the magnitude of the relationship between job satisfaction and job performance. This study shows that to obtain a valid estimate of mean correlation and true variance, we must correct correlation coefficients for the measurement errors.

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