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Organizational Commitment of Indian Managers in Multinational Companies

Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Volume 45 Issue 3

Published: 2010
Author(s) Name: Richa Awasthy & Rajen K. Gupta
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The present study examines the nature of Organizational Commitment (OC) from the point of view of Indian executives working in multinational companies operating in the country. The grounded theory and the interpretive approach were adopted to understand the study objective. The data was collected from three multinational companies representing three different nations: Sweden, UK, and Korea. All the three companies had wholly owned subsidiaries in India. The perceptions of executives were interpreted with the help of Allen and Meyer’s (1990) framework. The main study findings are that employee’s display continuance commitment; normative commitment is absent and affective commitment varies. The paper attempts to explain the reasons for high continuance commitment and why affective commitment varies.

Keywords : Organizational commitment, Multinational companies, Indian executives

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