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Internationalizing Business Model for Reinventing the Company’s Fortunes

Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Volume 45 Issue 1

Published: 2009
Author(s) Name: Prashant Salwan
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Indian companies’ have done extremely well internationally. The success of Indian MNC’s is due to leveraging Indian competitiveness through global value chain management. Indian MNCs have reinvented their business models for developing sustainable competitive advantage not only in the domestic market but also in international markets through focusing on a longer horizon even if the present is not positive. Indian companies enhanced their operational efficiency, implemented material cost management, growth of adjacencies, product upgrades and have different strategic intent for developed and developing markets. Inorganic growth provided them access to customers and technologies in new geographies. Indian MNCs have effectively reinvented their business model by developing a global vision and strategy and uniform manufacturing culture and processes for managing successfully inorganic growth. Keywords : Reinvention of business model, Competetive advantage

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