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Informal Employment Revisited: Theories, Data & Policies

Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Volume 48 Issue 3

Published: 2013
Author(s) Name: Martha Alter Chen, Joann Vanek | Author(s) Affiliation: Author is International Coordinator, WIEGO Network &Lecturer in Public Policy, HKS, Cambridge
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This paper provides a summary overview of recent rethinking and latest data on informal employment, particularly in developing countries. The paper begins with the examination of the two official international statistical definitions of the ‘informal sector’ and ‘informal employment’. It then addresses the ‘formalization of the informal economy’ debate and presents a comprehensive framework for responding to informal enterprises and informal jobs. The paper analyzes why existing labor market models and regulations need to be re-examined in the light of the reality and complexity of informal employment today. The authors conclude that employment should be the cornerstone of the development agenda and that economic diversity should be the cornerstone of the future economy.

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