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Emotional Intelligence and Shared Leadership: Moderating Role of Task Interdependence

Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Volume 55 Issue 3

Published: 2020
Author(s) Name: Shiji Lyndon and Ashish Pandey | Author(s) Affiliation: Assistant Professor, K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research
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Shared leadership is a phenomenon which is critical for the organizations especially in the context of organizations shifting to team-based structures. The current study examines the relationship between emotional intelligence of team members and degree of shared leadership in teams. The study also investigates the moderating role of task interdependence on this relationship. Data was collected from 244 respondents who were part of 40 teams. The study shows that there is a positive relationship between emotional intelligence and shared leadership and that this relationship is moderated by the level of task interdependence. This research extends the literature of shared leadership by explaining antecedents and moderating conditions to shared leadership.

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