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Effect of Job Involvement on Burnout

Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Volume 44 Issue 3

Published: 2009
Author(s) Name: Daisy Chauhan
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This study was carried out to determine the level of Job Involvement and extent of Burnout among managers. The results revealed that the managers scored high on Job Involvement, low on Depersonalization and Emotional Exhaustion and moderate on Personal Accomplishment. The study also found the correlation between Job Involvement and Burnout measured on three dimensions: two negative dimensions– De-personalisation and Emotional Exhaustion and one positive dimension - Personal Accomplishment. It was found that Job Involvement had a negative correlation with De-personalization and Emotional Exhaustion and positive correlation with Personal Accomplishment. The correlation results indicate that Burnout can be minimized /avoided if individuals develop a high level of involvement in their jobs and they are able to identify themselves psychologically with their jobs. Keywords : Personal accomplishment, emotional exhaustion, de-personalization

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