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Dilemmas of Public Sector Unions

Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Volume 46 Issue 1

Published: 2010
Author(s) Name: Ratna Sen
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A study of public sector unions in West Bengal in three sectors (state government, public transport and telecommunications) reveals very interesting facets of union functioning and labour management relations. Unions face many dilemmas in the post-globalization era. Deep down they understand that globalization is inevitable and irreversible and there have been real improvements. This is juxtaposed with the real problems faced by many of their members. They seek to cover this dilemma with some degree of posturing dictated by geo-political factors, such as location, type of PSU (central/ state owned), organizational situation, past issues, number of members affected, existence or emergence of other unions and so on. Union stances or postures differ depending on the sector in which it functions.

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