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All Businesses to Involve Health Diagnostics in Post COVID-19 World - A Theoretical Framework

Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Volume 57 Issue 3

Published: 2022
Author(s) Name: Som Sekhar Bhattacharyya and Syed Naser | Author(s) Affiliation: Strategic Management Area, National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
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This article presents a framework for business entities to partner with health h diagnostic businesses (HDB). Authors expect that in post COVID-19 scenario, diagnostics operations would become integral to day to day business operations similar to physical security or janitorial services. HDB partnership would become a pressing need for any business that involves intense physical interaction. The authors identify a set of factors that should be considered to decide the type of partnership. The options proposed are acquisition, equity-based or nonequity- based partnership and diagnostics from an accredited entity. Further, a set of steps for each of these options are proposed.

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