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Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications on Academic Libraries

International Journal of Information Library and Society

Volume 9 Issue 1

Published: 2020
Author(s) Name: A. Mallikarjuna | Author(s) Affiliation: Library Officer, B.V. Raju Institute of Technology, Vishnupur, Telangana, India.
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a science, which focuses on creating machines that engages on the behaviours performed by humans. The Artificial Intelligence discussion continues with knowledge based systems and various searching algorithms used in the development of AI System. The later part of the article explains with the natural language processing and importance of expert systems in future implications. The article concludes by providing a brief discussion of neural networks and AI Languages pattern recognition and robotics of applications in the libraries.

Keywords: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Expert System

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