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Current Status of IT Skills of Library Professionals of Technical Institutions in India

International Journal of Information Library and Society

Volume 8 Issue 2

Published: 2019
Author(s) Name: Sanjeev Kumar Sahu, J. N. Gautam | Author(s) Affiliation: Research Scholar, SOS-Library & Information Science, Jiwaji University Gwalior
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A study has been conducted to investigate status of information technology skills among library professionals of technical Institutions of our country. The study is based on a Questionnaire Survey of librarian / library authority of technical institutions which have sufficient fund for developing IT infrastructure. This study covers aspects of library automation, digitization, web technology, content management skills in library professionals in addition to the details of their qualifications and position. Also, involvement of library staff in staff development and orientation programmes for users has been explored.

Keywords: Information Technology (IT) Skills, Library Professional, Technical Institution, Library Infrastructure and Library Services

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