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The Role of Educational Institutions in Greening Education and Ensuring Sustainability-The Case Study of Faculty of Tourism and Hotels-Fayoum University

International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Systems

Volume 4 Issue 2

Published: 2011
Author(s) Name: Ghada M. Wafik, Nancy M. Fawzy and Farouk A. Hassanein
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Sustainable development concept is the best economic approach to involve environment and to confront negative impacts of development. Also, it is the concept that will pursue along the 21st Century; as being the pioneer approach for all sorts of development including tourism. Also, environmental economics, as a new field within economics science, is the framework by which economists have added to the economic methods of valuation for environmental problems. Education is a key element in the process of environmental protection and resource enhancement; as it creates awareness and a better understanding of environmental issues. It should encourage initiative, a sense of responsibility and commitment to sound tourism development. This study aims to: demonstrate the outstanding features of experience of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels – Fayoum University in greening education and serving the community, and provide a proposed project to enhance the environmental awareness in tourism sector in Egypt and particularly in Fayoum. The results reveals that principles of responsible tourism- economic, social, and environmental- are adopted and applied at a reasonable level at the Faculty of Tourism & Hotels; Fayoum University. But, in other faculties of tourism in Egypt the level of adoption and achievement policies of greening education and ensuring sustainability is limited.

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