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Responsible Tourism Practices in the Cape Town Hotel Sub-sector

International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Systems

Volume 6 Issue 2

Published: 2013
Author(s) Name: Regis Musavengane*, Jacobus Nicolaas Steyn | Author(s) Affiliation: Dept. of Tourism & Hospitality Mgt., Cape Peninsula Univ. of Technology, Cape Town, South Africa
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This study, set in the context of Cape Town, was motivated by international concern among tourism policy makers about the effectiveness of the implementation of sustainable business practices in tourism-related organisations. A sample of one hundred hotels, in Cape Town, was used to collect data on the practice of responsible tourism. Questionnaires were administered to hotel managers and ten of these managers were interviewed. The study established that Cape Town hotels are relatively well informed on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and are generally well aware of the environmental responsibility initiatives. However, the study further established that there is poor understanding of the responsible tourism concept in the hotel industry; which explains the slow adaptation and practice of its guidelines. With the above in mind, this research study raises questions on the effectiveness of the South African National Department of Tourism when educating, promoting and communicating responsible tourism requirements and practices in the Cape Town hotel sector.

Keywords: Tourism Practices in the Cape, Hotel Sub-sector

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