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Gap Analysis of Skills Provided in Hotel Management Education with Respect to Skills Required in the Hospitality Industry: The Indian Scenario

International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Systems

Volume 4 Issue 1

Published: 2011
Author(s) Name: Kavita KM and Priyanka Sharma
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Significant changes in the competitive environment of business and education, along with changes in the macro-environment, point to the need for reforms in hospitality management education. The objective of the study was to find key skills demanded by the industry in the Indian context, and how the education system responds and needs to respond to these. The null hypotheses stated that there is no significant difference between the existing and expected skill sets for the entry level hospitality graduates. A descriptive research design was used to conduct the study for which 30 (Five Star, Four Star and Boutique) properties were surveyed using a well-designed questionnaire. The data was collected from the heads of all the core departments in the hotel i.e. Human Resources, Food and Beverage, Front Office, Food Production and Housekeeping. Chi square and Anova technique was used to analyze the data. The findings revealed significant differences in the existing skill set and the desired skills. Students were found to be lacking in almost all the areas. The indication to the institutions is very clear. They need to tighten their belts, if they have to survive the competition posed by the IHMs and other premier institutes. KEYWORDS: Gap analysis, Soft skills, Chi Square, Level of Significance

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