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An Assessment of Logistics Services of Handicraft Emporiums

International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Systems

Volume 4 Issue 2

Published: 2011
Author(s) Name: Ashok Singh Rathore, Lokeshver Singh Jodhana
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The handicrafts industry is one of the industries that are rapidly growing. The demand for Indian handicraft arts, including metalware, woodware, hand-printed textiles and scarves, besides zari goods and imitation jewellery is increasing in America and many prominent European markets. The key issue with logistics is that it must deliver products to a customer at the time, method and cost to satisfy that particular customers requirements. Udaipur handicraft sectors ability to capture the benefits of the globalizing economy can be enhanced by an improvement in the logistics systems. There is presently a costly fragmentation of modes of transport – road, sea, rail, air. The results are three-fold: barriers to transport which have to change mode, economic inefficiency and high social and environmental cost. Efforts should be made in framing and implementing a policy which will help in moving away from isolated, individual modes towards a cohesive and unified framework for transport systems. The research paper is also an attempt to evaluate the role of logistic services in handicraft exports in Udaipur city. The results of this study show that Udaipur logistics market is not highly organized and reluctant. The results also indicate that the logistic services of Handicraft Emporiums are satisfactory and the handicraft sector has enormous opportunities to grow beyond the expectations if it utilizes logistic services effectively.

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