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Retrofitting of Plain Cement Concrete Wrapping by using Engineered Cementitious Composites

International Journal of Emerging Trends in Science and Technology

Volume 6 Issue 2

Published: 2020
Author(s) Name: Monisha K. M. and Srinivasan N. P. | Author(s) Affiliation: Assist Prof., Dept. of Civil Engg., M.Kumarasamy College of Engineering, Karur, Tamil Nadu, India.
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Retrofitting refers to the addition of new technology or features to the older systems it reduces maintenance costs and increased reliability. Seismic retrofitting is modification of existing structure to make them more resistant to seismic activity, ground motion or soil failure due to earthquake. This paper present various active researches that are taking place around the world on study of ECC by importing Cera Hyperplastic XRW40 and other kinds of fibers and by using various mineral admixtures. The ECC are economical by a reduction in usage of fiber while maintaining the desired characteristics of strength. Material was produced, tested and compared with conventional concrete in terms of workability and strength. These tests were carried out on standard cube, beam and cylinder to determine the strength of concrete which is compared with conventional concrete.

Keywords: Characteristic, ECC, Hyperplast XRW40, Retrofitting.

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