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Optimization of Drilling Parameters in Cu-Ni-Tib2 Material Using Taguchi Methodology

International Journal of Emerging Trends in Science and Technology

Volume 5 Issue 1

Published: 2019
Author(s) Name: N. Parthipan and M. Ilangkumaran | Author(s) Affiliation: Assist. Prof., Dept. of Mechanical Engg., M. Kumarasamy College of Engg., Karur, Tamil Nadu. India.
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The drilling process is most important in manufacturing industries. In this case various drilling process parameters have been performed to cut the material. This paper mainly focusing on material removal rate and better surface roughness. The various drill holes to produce in Cu-Ni-Tib2 material based on given input parameters of speed, feed and selected drill tool. The optimized input parameters have been finding out in Taguchi L9 orthogonal array. The Cu-Ni-Tib2 material basically High hardness and high corrosion resistivity material using in various industrial applications. The various drilling input control factor precious in Cu-Ni-Tib2 material surface. The output parametric optimization has been performed in thrust force, torque, material removal rate and surface finish based on the results confirmations using in minitab-17 Tool.

Keywords: ANOVA, Drilling, Material Removal Rate (MRR), Surface roughness.

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