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Review of Optimize Load Balancing Algorithms in Cloud

International Journal of Distributed and Cloud Computing

Volume 4 Issue 2

Published: 2016
Author(s) Name: Ankur Kushwaha, Priya Pathak, Sandeep Gupta | Author(s) Affiliation:
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With cloud computing, new facilities in the information technology (IT) emerge from the convergence of occupational and technology viewpoints which furnish users entrance to IT resources anywhere and any time by pay-per-use fashion. Consequently, it should source eminent operative gain to the user and instantaneously ought to be beneficial for the cloud service provider. To achieve this goal, several challenges have to be confronted, where load balancing is single of them. The optimal choice of a resources for a specific job does not mean that the nominated resource persists enhanced for the entire execution of the job. The supply under loading/over-loading must be avoided which could be enlarged by appropriate load balancing mechanisms. But, to the best of our knowledge, in spite of the significance of load balancing methods and appliances, there is not any comprehensive and systematic review about and analyzing and studying its significant techniques. In this paper we study about cloud architecture or different load balancing technique at the end of our paper we compare four optimization based load balancing technique and gives the idea about new technique over existing ones.

Keywords: CC, VM, ACO, PSO, TLBPSO

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