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Impact of Outdoor Advertising in Building Brands - A Study of Warangal

International Journal on Customer Relations

Volume 5 Issue 2

Published: 2017
Author(s) Name: Mohd Fasi, Sadequnnisa Begum | Author(s) Affiliation:
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The purpose of the present research study is to measure the impact of outdoor advertising in building brands. Over the past several decades, there has been a considerable change in the field of outdoor advertising. It has evolved into a medium which is as strong as all other forms of advertisement. This industry has remained unscathed even when all the other advertising industries have been struggling to remain into business. In fact, businesses spend billions of dollars each year in outdoor advertising. Indeed, this form of advertising medium has come a long way from being a mere roadside poster. The study surveyed 100 respondents opinions to determine the impact of outdoor advertising in building brands in India. On the basis of findings it is evident that the most of the respondents opined that they are moderately aware and satisfied of getting the different services of the outdoor advertising services in India.

Keywords: Outdoor Advertising, Media, Brands, Poster

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