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Determinants of Co-creative Behaviour of Patients: A Case Study in Jammu

International Journal on Customer Relations

Volume 4 Issue 1

Published: 2016
Author(s) Name: Jyoti Sharma, Lata Raj, Anil Gupta | Author(s) Affiliation: Jammu University, Jammu & Kashmir, India
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The purpose of this study is to measure the existence of co-creation behavior between doctors and patients. The research also studies customer participation and customer citizenship behavior as the dimensions of co-creative behavior and tries to establish the relationship between co-creative behavior and satisfaction. This study uses Yi and Gong (2013) scale for collecting data regarding co-creation behavior and its dimensions which are customer participation (CP) and customer citizenship behavior (CCB). The data was collected from 204 patients who were suffering from various chronic/lifestyle diseases and getting their treatment from private clinics in Jammu city. The study uses 7-point Likert scale in the questionnaire ranging from 1 completely disagree through 7 completely agree, with a midpoint labeled 4 neither agree nor disagree. The analysis of paper reflects that co-creation behavior is prevalent among the patients and not only participation but the citizenship behavior also affects the co-creation behavior of patients. The study is conducted from patients point of view whereas doctors perspective should also be used in future research. The research area is restricted to Jammu city only. The research provides several implications-doctors can also use this scale for market segmentation and customer profiling for maximizing customer value co-creation behavior by gaining the useful information.

Keywords: Co-creation, Customer Participation, Citizenship Behaviour, Customer Satisfaction, Service Dominant Logic

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