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Consumer Perception of Innovative Services Offered by Mobile Service Providers

International Journal on Customer Relations

Volume 5 Issue 2

Published: 2017
Author(s) Name: Simmi Rani Prasad | Author(s) Affiliation: Marketing, Assistant Professor, Mumbai University, Maharashtra, India
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Communication technology is a revolution. Companies providing telecom services are competing with each other to offer better prices and services to the customers. Consumer expectations are rising like never before. Delivering perfect customer experience is a challenge for all the telecom service providers. Innovation is the major force driving the growth. Consumer centric innovations related to equipment and services are central to success of telecom companies. The present paper tries to find out the consumer perception regarding innovation in connectivity, value added services, customer relationship etc. Because of stiff competition and fierce price war, every operator offers a virtually similar plan to their customers. So operators should adopt service-centric approach to increase the loyalty and customer base. They should focus on investment to expand their network coverage and connectivity. Individual service quality can be improved by immediate attending of customer complaints and acting on its feedback.

Keywords: Telecommunication, Mobile Phone, Consumer Satisfaction, Loyalty, Retention, Services

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