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Consumer Choices and Views Regarding Natural and Organic Labelled Products in the Supermarket

International Journal on Customer Relations

Volume 9 Issue 1 & 2

Published: 2021
Author(s) Name: Dipu Varghese | Author(s) Affiliation: Head - Dept. of Management and IQAC Coordinator, MET’S College of Advanced Studies, Kerala
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The natural and organic labelled product market is developing. Recently, this market has experienced rapid growth, and supermarkets have become the last link in the sales channel, with the largest market share. They are the main drivers for further advancement. However, different supermarkets implement diverse strategies with regard to natural and organic labelled products, as some of them are showcasing themselves as exclusive natural and organic labelled supermarkets, while others provide space for a wide to limited range of natural and organic labelled products along with other products in the store. The supermarkets in this context can have a competitive advantage only by optimising their product mix decisions. Knowledge regarding consumer choices and views regarding natural and organic labelled products are of critical importance, to design and implement the retail product mix strategies for natural and organic labelled products. This study is carried out by the author as a part of his independent research study for a Master’s degree in business administration. The study tries to expose the consumer choices and views on natural and organic labelled products in the supermarket.

Keywords: Natural and Organic Labelled Products, Consumer Choice, Consumer Views, Retail Product Mix, Supermarket

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