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A Study on Consumer Behavioural Analysis of Online Shopping Trends in India

International Journal on Customer Relations

Volume 9 Issue 1 & 2

Published: 2021
Author(s) Name: Anusha Thakur | Author(s) Affiliation: University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, India.
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With enhancement in digital capabilities, technology is expected to change the overall outlook of different sectors across the Indian economy. Growing Internet literacy has significantly led to an upsurge in online marketing in India. Easy availability, with wider options of products, is expected to enhance the demand for online shopping among the consumers. Increasing apps for retailer brands, or electronic products, or for shopping stores are also expected to bolster the shopping trends among the people of all age groups. The vast masses of working people across the demographics in India becomes a glee for e-commerce businesses. For instance, the millennials are considerably the most tech-savvy group in terms of technology, owing to the fact that they have grown up with the Internet, be it for games, shopping, music, lectures, food, or other needs. Rising usage of mobile technology is also significantly expected to impact a wider range of consumers and their perspectives in all aspects of life. Factors such as pricing, quality, review ratings, authenticity of the product, and a few more play a pivotal role in impacting the purchase behaviour of the consumers, whether it is for in-store shopping or online. Even while making purchases online, what the consumers are buying and how they are using the product reviews and social media platforms are observed to widely impact the consumer decision making processes (Nielsen, June 2010). This study illustrates a descriptive review about the understanding of the current scenario of online shopping trends in India, with key emphasis on the preferences and behavioural patterns of consumers while making their purchase online. The study involves a questionnaire-based survey conducted with nearly 100 customers of different age groups. The study also focuses on different challenges faced by retailers and consumers, along with the scope of improvement in online shopping processes or the websites which the retail businesses need to overcome to survive in today’s competitive world.

Keywords: Consumer, Digital, Online, Purchase, Shopping, Technology

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