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Changing the Face of Banking - What the Future Holds

International Journal of Banking, Risk and Insurance

Volume 10 Issue 1

Published: 2022
Author(s) Name: Vivek Joshi | Author(s) Affiliation: Director, Creative Heads Consultants, India.
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Changing economic rhythm is forcing banks and banking to change; the future uncertainty is creating several questions as to what the structure of banking should be and how most of the banks will decide their competitive posture in these turbulent times. This paper makes an attempt to present some of the major trends or to highlight some changes that will be adopted soon by the banks, to become more efficient as well as to effectively face the challenges of frequently fluctuating economic tides. Banks and banking as we have seen and experienced might not exist in the near future, and the next generation of banking customers might grow with a much different experience. Some of these expected changes are already visible on horizon and may soon become a full-fledged reality in next 5 years. Technology would play the biggest role in changing the face of banking as we know it today.

Keywords: Banking, Economic Cycle, Alternate Channels, Banking Operations

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