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A Study on Factors Influencing Decision of Customers Purchasing Life Insurance Product with reference to Age Group in Gujarat Region (Chi-Square Analysis Approach)

Global Journal of Research in Management

Volume 12 Issue 1

Published: 2022
Author(s) Name: Kalpeshkumar B. Prajapati and Jaideepsingh H. Jetawat | Author(s) Affiliation: Assistant Professor in Management Area.
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Indian insurance industry growth rate of 14.47% (IBEF Report) this sector plays a vital role for Indian GDP. This study identified various factors based on cultural, social, personal, psychological parameters. The aim of the study was to identify factors influencing the purchase decision of customer purchasing life insurance product with reference to age group in the Gujarat region. Researchers identified various dependent and independent variables from the Chi-square Analysis Approach. The result was derived from hypothesis testing with respect to age and purchasing decision of life insurance products. Total 30 factors have been identified in this empirical study.

Keywords: Age, Factors, Buying decision, Insurance product

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