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Human Resource Administration in Relation To CEOs in Not-for-Profit Organizations

Drishtikon: A Management Journal

Volume 3 Issue 2

Published: 2012
Author(s) Name: C.Muthu Velayutham, Palanivel.R.V, Anbarasan.R, Sinthuja.M
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The purpose of this paper is to consider whether those non-profit organizations whichexhibit more similar characteristics to market organizations regarding the percentage of paid employees with functions similar to the ones in market organizations in relationship with total workers have a different model of human resource management in relation to their CEO than those organizations which exhibit fewer similarities to market organizations. The hypotheses proposed in this study have been tested using asample of 1,999 Spanish non-profit organizations. The results show that the CEOs of non-profit organizations with most similarity tofor-profit organizations will have a more formal employment relationship and a higher level ofeducation than the CEOs of non-profits with least similarity to for-profit organizations The practical implications of this paper imply that non-profit organizations which are evolving, in terms of their workforce, towards a high percentage of paidemployees or those who are already in this position will have to adapt to the way in which for-profitorganizations operate if they wish to achieve levels of effectiveness and efficiency to make them competitive in this sector One of the reasons for proposing this work is the small number of empirical studies trying to address systematically the relationship between the CEO and the characteristics of non-profit organizations.

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