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Problems & Challenges of Manpower in Budget Hotels in Chandigarh

AVAHAN: A Journal on Hospitality and Tourism

Volume 4 Issue 1

Published: 2016
Author(s) Name: Mer cylyne Lyngdoh, Kunzes Angmo, Bhawesh Thapa | Author(s) Affiliation: Students of Chandigarh University , Punjab, India
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By the nature of hospitality as a service oriented industry, its efficiency of operation as well as increase of productivity depends thoroughly on qualified and skilled manpower. In Chandigarh, lack of skilled and trained human resource is a major problem in overall department of the hotel industry. The rapid growth of Globalization and investment of foreign franchise hotel as well as internal investment on hotel industry in a luxurious standard is creating a high level of demand for qualified manpower in Chandigarh. The last five years of datas show that the number of both internal & international tourist visiting here is increasing and knows how to perform their work smoothly. Manpower means the backbone for every hotel industry. A hotel industry could not hire anyone randomly, they must first know whether the person is capable of doing the prescribed job or not, are they trained, are they have knowledge about industry, its a long term job are they fit enough to work? thus according to the ongoing staff must be hired. But in return is the man power getting what they deserve? Lets review hospitality industry, here the manpower working is facing many challenges and problems, it sounds weird but its the fact. Beside the luxurious hotels, the manpower working here couldnt even afford such service even once in their life time. The low scale of salary, heavy and intense work for long hours, disrespect from industry as well as from guests, demanding, impatient and bossy customers, unnecessary pressure of work etc. The motive of this study is to investigate and identify the problems and the best solutions that could be made to eliminate the hindrances & positive support and collaboration between the hotel and the staffs working in hotel industry of Chandigarh.

Keywords: Productivity, Globalization, Franchise, Eliminate, Hindrances, Collaboration

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