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To Study Health and Fitness Motivation of Hotel Guests, and Its Influence on Hotel Buying Decision

ATITHYA: A Journal of Hospitality

Volume 3 Issue 1

Published: 2017
Author(s) Name: Arati Prabhu | Author(s) Affiliation: Assistant Professor, AISSMS’s College of HMCT, Pune, Maharshtra, India
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We are in the age that has witnessed a growth in health and fitness consciousness. The millennium has seen many stands taken to safeguard health and safety of people. Health and fitness is no longer for a few, elite, or athletes. It is understood and accepted as an everyday essential for one and all. This shift from blissful ignorance to consciousness to making lifestyle changes cannot be missed. This study is undertaken to understand the hotel customer better. With increase in travel, and an increase in health consciousness there is bound to be a conflict. Should one sacrifice personal fitness goals while on a travel or spending a social evening out? Perhaps no. This idea culminated in carrying out this research. The study aims at gaining realistic and factual insight into growth of health and fitness consciousness that influences hotel stay buying decision. Primary data of travellers and frequent users of the hotel product, both rooms and restaurants, has been collected by means of a questionnaire. Extensive search for secondary data has been undertaken in order to determine the trends in the hotel sector in order to incorporate health and fitness needs of the traveller. This study is an attempt to recognize the current upswing in health related requirement from hotel guests, a trend which is here to stay and grow.

Keywords: Health, Fitness, Hospitality/Hotel Industry

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