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Need of Human Resource Management Practices to be Undertaken in Educational Institutions for Employee Satisfaction

ATITHYA: A Journal of Hospitality

Volume 4 Issue 2

Published: 2018
Author(s) Name: Gauri Shah | Author(s) Affiliation: Email -
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Growth of the developing countries is positively associated with the human capital of the Nation. The educational institutions play an important role to build capable and educated societies. In this current modernization where technology is a challenge for technology itself, education needs to undergo a process of change of satisfying the faculty and students needs with the help of Technology. It is important to satisfy the needs of employee to enhance organizational performance. HRM practices is the approach, by which Institutions can enhance the job satisfaction among the employees. Present study is an attempt to understand HRM practices undertaken by the educational institutions and how these practices can improve the individual job satisfaction of the faculty members. This paper examines the impact on employee’s satisfaction from the job, particularly on teachers. A sample of 25 teacher employees from the 3 private institutions from Pune, India was used for this analysis. Job stress was measured by workload (no. of hours of lecturing, practices, tutorials and other activities such as class size, various exam evaluations etc.) and workplace environment (such as freedom, timings, career development opportunities etc). Prior studies in different firms indicate that the more stressed workload coupled with stressed workplace environment would severe negatively affect the employee’s job satisfaction. This exploratory research focuses on private institutions and employed faculty members and results that overall employee’s job satisfaction is directly linked with good HRM practices undertaken in educational institution. Teachers are recognized as key to educational quality and success in any society‘s education system. The orientation, nature, type and effect of HRM activities and practices are discussed with their relationship to the job satisfaction of the educational institution employees Understanding the importance of human resource policies and practices in the process of teaching, training, professionally educating students supporting and providing the proper working environment for sufficient numbers of teachers that meet the needs and expectations of quality education for all.

Keywords: HRM and Job Satisfaction, HRM Concept, Practices, Staff, Education, Employee

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