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Management of Problems in Term End Examinations With Special Reference to Invigilation Duties (An Educative, Analytical & Ethical Approach for Understanding)

ANWESH: International Journal of Management & Information Technology

Volume 5 Issue 1

Published: 2020
Author(s) Name: N. Rajavel | Author(s) Affiliation: Head, Post Graduate Dept. of Commerce, Jawaharlal Nehru Rajkeeya Mahavidyalaya, Port Blair.
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Examinations are compulsory as per the Choice Based Credit System, there will be two examinations, namely Internal Examinations and External Examinations. As far as the Internal Examinations, the concerned subject faculty has to seriously and sincerely conduct two to three tests, seminars and assignments based on which the internal marks will be calculated under the supervision of the concerned Head of Department (HOD) and will be sent to the university through the college. But in the semester end external examinations as per the guidelines of the concerned university, the problem arises. There are excellent dedicated teachers with quality of cooperation and coordination in every institution but the number is very less. Of course, there are rules that no one can deny, refuse or reject the works related to the examination, invigilation, evaluation, clerical and preliminary works but in actual the employees and the teachers find ways and means to escape from the duties which become the heavy headache to the Head of the Institutions (HOI). He faces N-number of problems from the day he prepared the duty chart to till he settles the accounts with the parties concerned and university and of course with the information seekers under RTI. This is not the problem for a particular institution but generally, almost all the institutions are facing this issue. By taking this issue as a key point, through unstructured and non-participant observations, self experiences, and informal friendly discussion made by the author, the real and actual problems have been elicited and the same have been presented here with suitable measures to solve this contemporary issue permanently. It is up to the readers to accept or reject.

Keywords: Examination, External examinations, Higher education, Invigilation duties, Internal examinations, Universities.

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